Akili connects women-led artisan enterprises all over the world to Australian consumers. We amplify the stories of innovation, resourcefulness and social impact behind each product and brand we sell.

All our products are ethical and bring to Australia the craftsmanship and the colourful vibrancy of Africa and South America with authentic, sustainable handmade fashion accessories and homeware.

We are guided by the belief that each product we consume should be a tool for positive social and environmental impact. All our products are cruelty-free, made with recycled or natural materials and have empowered artisans in multiple developing communities around the globe before they reach your hands here in Australia.


Our Values

Our Story

Co-founders are childhood friends who travelled the world together. Whilst living and working in several countries, they grew increasingly disappointed with the lack of global companies focused on connecting people through inclusive business practices.  

Together they co-founded Akili to connect markets and like-minded people. Their goal is to inspire social and environmental change by amplifying access to ethical products.

Akili is an Australian owned Social Enterprise.




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