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The best accessories come with positive social and environmental impact. Connect with women-led artisan enterprises who are shaping a better future with sustainable products handcrafted in developing communities.

Maasai Jewellery

The Maasai jewellery collection features ethical Maasai Jewellery pieces made in Tanzania by the social enterprises Sidai and Shanga.

Each piece provides economic opportunity and empowerment for Maasai women. They produce unique, high-quality beaded designs using the traditional techniques of their tribe.

Uniquely handcrafted with glass beads and recycled plastic boning weaved together with recycled thread. 

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Authentic Panama Hats

Fairtrade, Genuine Panama Hats handwoven with 100% natural, fine toquilla straws.

Made in Cuenca, Ecuador, by Indigenous female artisans using intricate weaving techniques passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

Our Authentic Panama Hats provide rural Ecuadorian women with financial independence and a unique chance to keep their cultural heritage alive.

Because they are made with natural fibres, our hats are sustainable, breathablelightweight and super comfortable. Perfect for those obsessed by form, function, positive social impact and low environmental cost.

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Shoes & Bags made with recycled materials

The brazilian women-led enterprise Insecta uses recycled plastic bottlesrecyled cottonrecycled rubberupcycled vintage clothingdeadstock fabrics and production waste to create brand new and beautiful shoes and bags.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, Insecta shoes are super comfortable. The sole, made of recycled rubber, is so flexible and that you can even fold it in the middle! Additionally, the insole has a unique, super soft beehive design, perfect for wearing all day long.

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Bags and homeware handwoven with grass

This collection features naturally long-lasting basket bags and homeware made in Tanzania. Each piece is intricately handwoven with locally sourced Milulu, Papyrus and Star Grasses (widely available in swamp areas). The local artisans use 100% natural, sustainably sourced materials and ancient weaving techniques passed down for generations. 

Each item takes weeks to weave and, more importantly, provide a stable source of income and financial independence for women in poverty-stricken rural areas

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