Sidai: Handmade by Maasai Women

Sidai: Handmade by Maasai Women

Sidai is a social enterprise currently working with over 100 Maasai artisan women in Arusha, Tanzania. Aside from producing incredible pieces of Maasai Jewellery, Sidai also runs social programs for their artisans on topics such as women’s rights and cattle caring. In a culture where women are often denied an education and financial independence, Sidai plays a pivotal role in providing economic and intellectual empowerment. 

“Sidai is a Maasai word. The tribes use it to describe beauty and to congratulate people for beautiful work.”

Sidai’s Jewellery Designs

The Maasai Tanzanian style with its iconic white beading differs from the more widely recognized and colourful Kenyan Maasai designs. Sidai’s jewellery celebrates the Tanzanian Maasai culture while encompassing a contemporary aesthetic appealing to global markets. Sidai’s designers work with Maasai artisans to carefully refine each collection, showcasing the best of what the Maasai women so effortlessly create.

Sidai’s Materials

Sidai’s materials range from upcycled to luxurious – the Maasai artisans use salvaged grain bags for thread, alongside 14-carat gold fill and fine sterling silver. They also recycled and cut plastic containers for boning. Finally, the butter-soft suede and precious metal fastenings give each piece an elegant finish.


By Fabi Alvarez: Fabi is a marketeer, product developer and sustainable living advocate with 18 years of experience in startups, not-for-profits and market leaders worldwide.

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